7 ways to receive
inner guidance

What is I.G.S. ?

I, Barbara Marie,  have coined the phrase Inner Guidance System or in short form our I.G.S.  Our Inner guidance system consists of our spiritual connection to Source/God and it can even use our bodies to give us information.  We use this system to receive Higher guidance, guidance from a Higher perspective than just the human perspective. It uses our connection to the Divine and therefore it is used to give us Divine Guidance that is alignment with our life purpose.

Is the advice you receive from others, confusing you?

Sometimes our family and friends like to give us advice. Do they know more about the choices you could make? Do they have more experience than you? Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. This leads you to more confusion and worry. Sometimes their advice makes things worse for you.

Do you trust it?

Can you really say that you trust their advice more than your own? Usually YOU are the one to make the important decisions for you and your family. YOU know all of the circumstances surrounding the issue. Others can give you the “human” advice, but you really need a Higher perspective from the “human” one.  Humans can make mistakes with their advice and that leaves you living the consequences of the bad advice.

Do you think your own Intuition is pretty good?

Sometimes we have pretty good Intuition ourselves. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s not. Again, living the consequences, can be difficult if you did not interpret your Intuition correctly. This could have negative results and you could be quite unhappy. This affects your whole family.

Why not just learn more about the 7 ways that you can receive  Higher Guidance and make your life so much easier and much more peaceful?

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