I am Barbara Marie!

Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

​As an empowered spiritual life guide, I assist Lightworkers, Holistic Service Providers and Spiritual Seekers Explore their spiritual connection, Expand their gifts and Express their Divine Essence to the world. Using my gift of the Language of Light, I can reach Higher vibrational guidance for my clients and give them the clarity they seek as they travel along the journey of spiritual growth and awareness.

All my sessions and programs include The Language of Light, so that the highest vibrations and guidance comes through for my clients.  The keys and codes that come through, activate the highest potential in my clients and they awaken to the new greater awareness of who they really are.  Their gifts are expanded to greater levels.

My greatest passion is spiritual growth and awareness.  I am thrilled when my clients reach a new level, and they discover and strengthen greater spiritual connections.  As they see the growth in themselves, they are very excited that their lives can change so quickly.

Over the last 25 years I have taken many modalities of healing, but I always come back to just doing what I am spiritually led to do.  Although I no longer do “body work”, all my sessions and programs include the healing that flows through the Language of Light.  My clients receive the healing that is needed in that session or program.

I have a unique way of bringing spirituality down to earth.  All the Guidance I receive and pass on, is given in simple, easy to understand steps.  The Present Ones are part of my I.G.S. (Inner Guidance System) and they come through to offer Guidance as well. The Present Ones are a group of Higher Beings that come through me to transmit the Higher Guidance, the keys, and codes that we need during the sessions and programs.  They helped me create all my programs since 2008.  They help us keep the energy LIGHT as they have a wonderful sense of humor.

Having four great children and a wonderful supportive husband, I was able to pursue my love of spirituality.  After becoming a spiritual Peace Minister in 2007, I continued my studies for ten more years and received my Doctorate degree in Metaphysics at the age of 66. It is with great joy that I offer my knowledge, my awareness, and my gifts to the world. 


I am here to EXPRESS my DIVINE ESSENCE and to help YOU do the same!​  

My Core Values

Once you are aware of your core values, and live them, you live your life in Divine Alignment. You live a life of ease and grace.

My own core values are many, but I will share three of them with you.

Reverence is key for me.  Everything, I feel, is a gift from God. We need to put a high value on everything and everyone around us.  I live on 160 acres of beautiful land.  I cannot help but have a reverence for it.  Reverence ties in with having gratitude every day of our lives, no matter where or who we are.

Simplicity is very important to me because my mind tends to take over and complicate everything!  I always remind myself to bring things back to simplicity and to tame my complicated mind. You will see that my programs and sessions have a very simple format.

Authenticity is what I am always working on. When we are being our authentic self, there is no hiding any part of ourselves.   I am learning to see my own “shadows” and to accept them as a part of me.  I am learning to work with them, instead of trying to get rid of them. Our shadows have helped protect us at various times of our life.

My sessions and programs

I am trained in various healing modalities, spiritual life coaching, ministerial programs, metaphysical programs, and much more. All these skills along with my advanced intuitive gifts, my gift for Channeling Higher Beings, and the Language of Light, are all part of who I am. 

This high frequency energy comes through in my sessions and programs, as needed, for your Highest Good. Your Higher Self will bring through all that you need and all that you can accept at the time.  Each week you will be able to accept greater degrees of Awareness, Light and Love.

My work the with I.G.S. is a valuable gift I give my clients.  Imagine your own life:  Waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing you are making the best decisions for you and your family.  Imagine going to bed at night with that same smile on your face!

My story

My life on earth has been a difficult one.  I don’t even remember the first six years of my life.  I think I spent most of my life observing those around me.  I always wondered, “Why am I here?  This must be a mistake!” 

This continued through many years of my life.  I never felt good and was always sick.  I had gall stones and ulcers by the time I was 17.  Feeling this was unfair to me, I continued to wonder why I didn’t want to be here.  Everyone else seemed to have it easier than me and they seemed to “fit in.”

I did have some tough experiences as a teenager and started getting regular migraine headaches.  (In my early 20’s I met my husband, and we have been married since 1975.)  Having four children did not help the migraines and I was sick and tired and mad at God for not healing me!

One day when I was particularly mad, I cried out to God and I heard His voice answer me.  This started happening regularly and this started my deep search for a relationship with God.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that was my first experiences of being a mystic.

(We raised our children and now they have children of their own.)  Through all those years I continued to search for that personal relationship with God.  That is what led me to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, prayer groups, various churches, a seminary school and then the University of Sedona.  I am pleased to say that I did receive my Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics at the age of 66.

Through those years of education, I had many mystical experiences.  These all brought me the “knowing” that “God knows who I am.  God knows I am here.” 

My spiritual gifts grew, from receiving Angel Messages to the Language of Light and then channeling other Light Beings.  It has been quite a ride! 

When the Present Ones came into my life back in about 2007, I started receiving Guidance on services and programs that I could offer.  They guided me to develop the RAINBOW CODES into a prayer system, a meditation system, and The Way of the Rainbow program.  They have expanded and amplified in energy every year since then.  The Step Up and Shine program, which holds the Rainbow Codes, has also been developed with the help of my Guidance Team and it is the most comprehensive offering I have.

I feel that the most important thing that I did, over the years, was to develop a daily spiritual practice.  This is what kept me going and getting the results I wanted to change my health, my attitude, and my life.  I am still a work in progress!

My greatest desire is to be here on earth and guide others on their spiritual journey… to Explore their spiritual connection, Expand their awareness and their gifts  and Express their Divine Essence to the world!

​I would love to take you on a journey that leads you to living a life of joy and magic!  Are you ready?

Divine Direction