Are you ready for YOUR Quantum Leap?

Do you have one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the physical world, and you don't feel fully successful in either?

YOU are being called. You FEEL it. 

You sense that you are here for MORE….
To BE more, to DO more, HAVE more,  to OFFER more of yourself to the world.

Are you now ready to give yourself the time and attention you deserve?


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Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were all Divinely guided?
Love, peace and joy would be all around us!
I believe we all have an I.G.S. (Inner Guidance System) and when you could learn to use it, you would live a life of joy and magic!

I, Barbara Marie, am an Inner Guidance Expert and my 3 journey offerings will help you tap into your I.G.S. and learn to recognize it in your daily life.


It’s time to upgrade your vibration and your gifts! The world needs you at your best!  This sacred journey is usually from one to three sessions. You will receive clarity, confirmation, and information on how to proceed with your dreams and goals in alignment with your life purpose. You will receive …


This sacred journey is 7 weeks and will take you through the Rainbow Codes of Transformation.  You will learn to create your sacred rainbow energy field.  You will receive keys, codes and Activations that will advance your awareness of who you really are and the power you hold will be …


This 21-week sacred journey will cover all areas of your life as we go through each week with a specific focus.  You will receive The Rainbow Codes and many more keys, codes, activations, and blessings, giving you clarity, confirmation, and direction.  You will grow in the “clair gifts” and….

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a few kind words from my clients

"I am still uplifted and ecstatic about the Attunement. I am so grateful that Spirit led me to you! "

Diane Fagan


"Profound! Powerful! Felt my chakras being cleared and felt soooooo grateful for Barbara Marie..."

Roopa Karayi


"I can easily recognize an authentic, true master, and Barbara Marie is one of them!"

Medea Bavarella Chechik


Are you ready to leap into your new vibration?

Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

As an empowered spiritual life guide, I provide a safe sacred space for Divinely inspired women just like you.  Living spiritually in a physical world can be confusing or enlightening.  If you follow the Divine guidance your soul seeks, you will live your best life.   

Together we explore your spiritual connection and expand your spiritual gifts.  Your Divine essence will then  be expressed fully into the world and you will  naturally create your life with balance, joy, and magic. 

You will not only learn to use valuable tools, but you will also receive spiritually guided energy to heal and unblock what is stopping you.  Your hidden gifts and talents will be activated.  I will give you the “energetic  keys and codes “ that you personally need to expand your awareness beyond what you have ever dreamed possible.


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