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the way of the rainbow:
The Ultimate meditation system!

  7 week journey + 3 extra bonus weeks

The Way of the Rainbow sacred journey is a guided process where you will learn how to consistently tap into your Inner Guidance and live your life with love, joy and magic.  Each of the seven sessions will give you divinely simple information that you will put into action.  By taking action on each of the steps you will naturally grow into creating seven new powerful habits.  Along with the information each week, you will receive vibrational keys, codes and “activations” from the Present Ones in the Language of Light. Their input of energy adds the higher vibrations to the simple concepts.  While in the Zone of Creation, each participant will be blessed with whatever they need most in that moment.

Learn the 7 Simple but Powerful Steps
to experience your QUANTUM LEAP!

Keys that strengthen your Divine Connection
 codes  that unlock your gifts
Activations that YOU need NOW
Leap over blocks that stop you from living your Divine Life and Purpose.

Explore, Expand and Express
Your Divine Essence!

7 Simple Steps Process

Week 1: Enter your creative space by building a strong, consistent relationship with your angels, guides and your own Higher Self

Week 2: Bring in the energy of openness and create more space by flipping your poor me energy to one of unlimited abundance

Week 3: Expand your energy as your power builds by releasing energy and patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you

Week 4: Align with your Higher Self" and learn to accept the creative being that you are, realizing your true power through love

Week 5: Enter the vibrational field where you will express your desires with impact

Week 6: Receive thoughts, words and pictures from all sources and expand the way you receive messages and guidance

Week 7: Add dimension and power to this system by sharing right from your heart and expressing it to the Universe

7 Major Benefits for YOU!

Align with your Higher Self

Learn how to consistently tap into your Inner Guidance System (I.G.S.)

Learn how to raise your vibration instantly

Learn how to release what no longer serves you

Become a creator for your own life 

Receive Keys and Codes that unlock and expand your Awareness 

Receive "Activations" of the gifts and traits you already hold within you

7 "Activations" specifically for YOU!

Each week there will be a specific Language of Light "Activation" by the Present Ones. Each week will be a special time, depending on who is at that particular session.  Some of the previous activations were for our heart to open more to Love.  Often,  the Present Ones activate our gifts so that we will be able to use them to help others.  Other times they have activated various traits of Unconditional Love.  There have been other Activations as well, but we do not know what they will be until that particular moment in the class time.

The Present Ones are a group of spiritual beings that work as a group energy but sometimes they speak to us as the individual that they are.  For example there are Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages that speak to us at various times.  It makes for very interesting classes!

PLus 3 extra bonus weeks for this group only.

If you have any questions please email Barbara Marie at revbarb@gmail.com

the Rainbow



a few kind words from my clients

"The Way of the Rainbow program has changed me forever. Each week I grew stronger and stronger within myself. My spiritual growth has been amazing.

The Present Ones, were such a blessing to us all. Their messages and activations were always just what I needed. It is amazing how they can give us exactly what we need, when we need it.

Thank you Barbara Marie for sharing this wonderful program with us. It is changing many lives.  We are so blessed to have this program."

Heather Haynes


"Red Color Band: Finaly I am able to focus. I have always spoken to my angels and guides in my thoughts. But writing it brings focus that I so desperately needed. Focus brings clarity.

Orange Color Band: With the activation, I began to look at everything with gratitude. Even during the most uncomfortable situations, I started to look at it with curiosity and shift my perspective to see how I can be grateful.

Yellow Color Band: Profound! Powerful! Felt my chakras being cleared and felt soooooo grateful for the love and support extended to me by Barbara and the Present Ones. I can finally let go with ease. What a relief! I can now release that which does not serve me with ease. So grateful!"

Roopa Karayi


"Before The Way of The Rainbow my life was like my Prayer/Meditations – haphazard. I never knew what kind of a day I was going to have until I had it. I needed something simple and easy….a system or a pattern to follow. After taking the course, I have a sustained Daily Practice that allows me to live my life in a state of Grace, Joy, Love, Abundance…basically the “Peace that Passeth All Understanding.”  I am grateful for its simplicity, yet its Universal Wisdom continuously deepens. Each day is different, even exciting, and an adventure. I am loving it!"

Rev. Lisa Marie Teubel