" Barbara Marie receives Divine Guidance for you while teaching  you how to receive your own."

Choose your journey

"Discover three profound pathways designed to guide you towards your true life purpose and deepen your spiritual essence. Embark on these curated journeys to forge an unshakeable spiritual foundation, and awaken to a life lived with boundless peace, conscious clarity, and radiant joy. Each experience is a stepping stone to the Divine, a gateway to your most enlightened self."

Soul Path Strategy Session

Embark on a transformative  session where clarity meets destiny. In this personalized one-on-one consultation, we'll uncover your spiritual coordinates and chart a course towards your highest aspirations.  . Receive tailored guidance and actionable steps to navigate your journey with confidence...

Angelic Harmonics: Healing & Light Activation Session

Step into a realm of celestial healing and profound energetic awakening with  this session. Experience the sublime fusion of angelic guidance, healing energy, and the transformative power of the Language of Light...

The Way of the Rainbow

The Way of the Rainbow sacred journey is a guided process where you will learn how to consistently tap into your Inner Guidance and live your life with love, joy and magic.

a few kind words from my clients

"I am still uplifted and ecstatic about the Attunement. I am so grateful that Spirit led me to you! "

Diane Fagan


"Profound! Powerful! Felt my chakras being cleared and felt soooooo grateful for Barbara Marie..."

Roopa Karayi


"I can easily recognize an authentic, true master, and Barbara Marie is one of them!"

Medea Bavarella Chechik


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Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

"As your dedicated spiritual life guide, I create a sanctuary of transformation for holistic healers, energy workers, and seekers of the sacred, just like YOU. Navigating the complexities of a spiritual existence within a physical realm can often be challenging and mystifying. Yet, by embracing the Divine wisdom that calls to your soul and harnessing your innate Inner Guidance System, you are destined to thrive in your most authentic life.

Together, we will delve into the depths of your spiritual bonds and amplify the resonance of your innate gifts. As your Divine Essence unfurls into the universe, you will effortlessly craft a life rich with joy, wonder, and enchantment.

More than mastering invaluable tools, you will be bathed in divinely inspired energy, healing and liberating you from the shackles that hinder your path. Your latent talents will be ignited, your gifts brought forth into the light. I am here to bestow upon you the unique 'energetic keys and codes'—the esoteric wisdom you require to transcend your wildest dreams and soar into expansive consciousness."


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