Are you ready for your own SPIRITUAL QUANTUM LEAP?

Receive the powerful and transformative vibrations from the Language of Light

Series of 7 - Language of Light Activations

I am Barbara Marie and I am thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to experience the transformative power of the Language of Light in this series of 7 Activations.  I call these "tune up sessions" and you will receive 1 recording  each week for 7 weeks.

Transformational benefits after experiencing the Language of Light

Experience many forms of physical healing
open or deepen your connection to angels and guides and to your Higher Self
receive information about your life purpose
feel a greater balance and sense of well-being
receive knowledge of your “higher self”
experience unconditional love for others and yourself
offer more powerful holistic services to others
find a profound sense of peace

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What is this series about?

This specific series of seven audio activations takes you on a journey of self discovery, self healing and vibration raising experiences. Each audio is less than 8 minutes. It will easily fit into your busy day. To receive the highest good for yourself, they are to be treated as sacred gifts. It is best to be in a safe, sacred space to fully experience these activations. Each audio holds a specific vibration for you. You will receive one new activation each week by email. Listen to your activation daily until the next one comes to you, and so forth. Your vibration will be raised as you experience each one. One builds upon the other, so the cumulative effective is very powerful.


Even after the first activation you may notice a difference in your thoughts and how you think about yourself or others. After all 8 of these activations you will surely see a difference in your life. It is because you have experienced more of your true self, received healing and have grown in unconditional love for yourself and others. You will notice very powerful changes in yourself.

List of activations included in this series...

Artwork by Daniel B Holeman

Week 1 

The bonus -Heart Opening - This activation is important because it increases unconditional love for yourself and others.

Releasing judgement - This Activation is important because you do need to release the old destructive energies before the new can come in.

Week 2 

Gratitude - To have gratitude is important because it is a high vibration. When we keep ourselves in a high vibration we are then in the “attraction” mode. This is where all things can come to us easily.

Week 3

Awareness of the inner child- This Activation is important because in order to have a peaceful, joyful life and accomplish your goals you need a clear path without blocks, which may come from your inner child.

Week 4 

Recognizing inner guidance - This Activation is important because this is the higher guidance that will help you in all areas of your life.

Week 5 

Asking the right questions - This activation is important because you need to know what to ask in order to receive important information.

Week 6

Listening for answers - It is important because you will now be activated to learn the ways that answers come to you. You will now start to be aware of how and when answers come to you.

Week 7 

Gift of understanding - When you can understand why someone does, what they do, you are less critical of them. This is important because with this activation we set ourselves free of judgment and instead can use that energy for our highest good.

Language of Light Comments

While listening to this activation, I felt completely calmed
I’m feeling wonderful and excited to work through the other recordings!
When angels tell you how special you are…you must listen.
I now know I have many gifts and want to be able to organize them and share them without the feeling of being so scattered
I now have a deeper appreciation of myself. I see myself with new eyes.
I am so grateful to Barbara Marie for this offering.  It has changed my life.
I have an excitement toward nurturing my already highly sensitive intuitiveness.
I now know the importance of having a more structured existence.
I have a much needed sense of grounding now.

With all of my heart, I invite you to ask your own Divine  Guidance if this offer is right for YOU today.

Sending you my love and support. We hope to be of service to you soon. Many blessings, Barbara Marie