the language of light

Healing, Guidance and Transformation Sessions

Barbara Marie delights in being the bridge between you and your Higher Spiritual Self in the Language of Light sessions, which are very powerful and very revealing. These sessions are always life changing.

Attention Light Workers, Holistic Service Providers
and Spiritual Seekers!

It's time to "upgrade" your vibration and your gifts.
The world needs YOU at your BEST!

on this journey...

On this journey, which is from 1-3 sessions, your questions will be answered in a vibrational and a practical way. These sessions include Activations which will raise your vibration. You will also enjoy more of the 12 Traits of Unconditional Love, as an added benefit. You will receive empowering thoughts and beliefs within yourself that will raise you to new vibrational heights. There are keys and codes and vibrations embedded in this session specifically for you. This will stay with you in your energy field from that day forward. The guidance that comes through for you, is the highest that Barbara Marie offers. Your Higher Self also takes part in this type of session. Judge for yourself about how you feel when you read about this session. You decide. If you step forward and say YES, to the Language of Light session with Barbara Marie today, this will be the next step in your amazing transformational journey.

$197 U.S.


a few kind words from my clients

Diana Berschader, London

Janice Davies, New Zealand

Celine Chimard, Montreal

Danisa Peralta, U.S.A.